Steering Your Case, Navigating Your Future

We care about clients for the long run.

It’s Always Personal

When it comes to law, regardless of the case, the relationship you have with your lawyer is critical. You deserve a lawyer you can sit with and talk to, not someone in a distant state. Whether it be a personal injury case that involves the failure of medical devices or drugs, or a construction dispute with project gone wrong, these matters are personal to you.

They aren't simply about money, they are about you: your health is essential to your overall well-being and a construction project is very personal. Building lasting relationships with our clients is something we don't take for granted. The hospitality we find in our southern culture is just as vital in our practice. We care about our clients for the long run.

Planning Your Case, Navigating Your Future

Chattanooga sits on one of our nation's most beautiful waterways. Navigating a waterway requires accounting for known obstacles, and preparing for the unknown   . We work with you the same way, to develop a plan for your case that is direct and focused, accounting for known obstacles, and preparing for the unknown.

With more than 30 years of experience on both sides of the courtroom — as defense and plaintiff counsel — we have decades of experience on how the other side will prepare its case. This allows us to plan for predictable responses, and be objective in our evaluations.

Will It Be Smooth Sailing?

Our goal is always to achieve the best possible results. As a local Tennessee law firm, our attorney has worked on mass tort lawsuits that span across the country. As such, he has developed professional relationships that offer him unique access to where, and how, cases are being won across the country — and he brings that knowledge back home for you.

While there are many times through a court case that you will encounter challenges, you can be assured that we will support, and vigorously represent you, from filing to finish. Contact us at 423-551-9750 for a free case evaluation.

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