A Very Personal Impact

Silicone gel breast implants, pedicle screws, latex gloves, fen-phen, Vioxx, Bextra, talc baby powder. All of these are examples of medical devices and bad drugs that have had a damaging effect on many people's lives.

Regardless of the injury or its cause, for the personal injury plaintiff, the case is about more than just money: It is about the life-changing event caused by the product.

We believe that a lawsuit is only as effective as the client-counsel communication. When dealing with someone's body, you must understand the emotional impact a person endures because of defective medical devices and drugs.

What Is A Mass Tort?

Mass tort cases result from the consolidation of hundreds of individual cases and include class actions; they have their own rules and procedures. Mass tort claims allow many attorneys representing many clients to collaborate by, for example, sharing witnesses, exhibits and expenses.

Why is this important? If your claim becomes part of a mass tort, your lawyer can, and should, be consulting and collaborating with other firms in other states that are pursuing the same kind of case. Our team has worked in many mass torts and multidistrict litigations since 1991. Mass torts include:

  • Car wreck/catastrophic injuries due to defective manufacturing
  • Silicone or other breast implants
  • Ovarian cancer due to talc
  • Takata air bags
  • Mesothelioma

Steering Your Case, Navigating Your Future

In addition to our ongoing association with MDL counsel during a lawsuit, once a case is over, we maintain our professional relationships. How does this help you? By doing so, we can give you an exponential advantage in your case — drawing on the experience of many skilled trial lawyers and bringing that proficiency back to Chattanooga.

Like the captains who sail close by on the Tennessee River, at William G. Colvin PLLC, we are skilled navigators in the courtroom and across the country, able to handle challenges with knowledge and aplomb. We offer a free consultation on your case, so give us a call at 423-551-9750.

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